TST (Theatre Switch Training or Temporal Shift Technique)

By 5th August 2016TST

TST (Theatre Switch Training or Temporal Shift Technique) is a performance and theatre training that investigates, time, duration and temporality as a means to develop a heightened sense of awareness, presence and expression, in a stage artist.
From 40 minutes classes, to twenty four hour long sessions, TST investigates the shift in a performers psyche, focus and attitude when exposed to long, theatrical, performance or other artistic activities.

The work is intended as a groundbreaking accelerated learning method that creates highly motivational and unstoppable performer. Educational and developmental in nature the method is a flexible system that supports the preperation and development of performance,  as well as training and choreographic possibilities within a final production.

TST is made up of two main parts:

  • TST rotations for body, voice, acting and presence.
  • Exquisite Attention Training