By 11th July 2016Director

The Artaud Engine is a contemporary dance theatre piece, inspired by the life and work of French artist Antonin Artaud, who was, among other things, a writer, poet, essayist, visual artist, actor, dramatist, and theatre director. It first premiered in 2009 at Dansehallerne (formerly Dansescenen Teater); it was written and directed by Stuart Lynch, and starred Charlotte Munck, Bo Madvig, Tiziana Fracchiolla, and Lars Bom.

“Lynch is a god given choreographer, director & performer”

City Calling (DK)

Two figures wait outside the Gates of Hell. The ghost of Artaud’s mother, the iconic French writer Anaïs Nin, and the ghost of Arthaud’s father, Danish filmmaker Carl Th. Dreyer, are waiting to see whether the Gates of Hell will open for them. Their son Arthaud, pillar of French theatre and the only spirit ever to be rejected by both Heaven and Hell, is the only one with the power to save them. 

As they wait to ascertain their fate, they relieve their memories of him, his impact on their lives, and whether he will be able to forgive them.

Forgive or condemn? Fight or love?

They say that there is a fine line between genius and madness, and this is what The Artaud Engine seeks to understand. The theory of this balancing act is that whatever might play a role in the creation of Art and of the Self, must also play out in its destruction.

The Artaud Engine was considered one of the best of that year. The play is in English and is available for touring and/or independent production. Interested producers are welcome to contact for further details. The Artaud Engine first premiered in 2009 at Dansescenen Theatre (now Dansehallerne), Copenhagen.



(Duration: 120 minutes with a 20 minute pause)


  • Dance: Bo Madvig / Tiziana Fracchiolla
  • Acting: Charlotte Munck / Lars Bom
  • Text: Stuart Lynch
  • Direction and choreography: Stuart Lynch
  • Costume: Camilla Lind
  • Light Design: Turpin Djurhus
  • Sound Design: Rune Kaagaard
  • Production Manager: Anders Sylvest
  • Photography: Per Morten Abrahamsen