By 11th July 2016Director
(Duration: 120 minutes with a 20 minute pause)

Created with an ensemble of the best actors and dancers in Denmark the work was inspired by the life of the artist, Antonin Artaud (1896-1948).

“Lynch is a god given choreographer, director & performer”
City Calling (DK)

The action of the play takes place outside the gates of hell where the ghost of Artauds mother and father, Anais Nin and the Danish film maker Carl Th. Dreyer are waiting for the return of their son. They discuss their feeling about how he impacted their lives and relive their memories of how he was with each of them. The work examines and explores the fine line between madness and genius and how this might create or destroy art.

The play was considered one of the best of that year. The play is in English and is available for touring and/or independent production. Interest producers should contact for details. The Artaud Engine first premiered in 2009 at Dansescenen Theatre (now Dansehallerne), Copenhagen.





  • Dance: Bo Madvig / Tiziana Fracchiolla
  • Acting: Charlotte Munck / Lars Bom
  • Text: Stuart Lynch
  • Direction and choreography: Stuart Lynch
  • Costume: Camilla Lind
  • Light Design: Turpin Djurhus
  • Sound Design: Rune Kaagaard
  • Production Manager: Anders Sylvest
  • Photography: Per Morten Abrahamsen