By 13th July 2016Performer

Tarot Bastard is a Six-hour solo performance by Stuart Lynch.

-“Provocative and challenging, Lynch rocks the Vildskud boat with a 6 hour non-stop show based around The Tarot Cards and Improvisation.”
City Calling (about the 2011 Vildskud Fesival).

Designed around Lynch’s TST method  the work is structured in hourly cycles initiated, on each hour, by a Tarot Card reading of an audience member. This reading sets up the performance framework until the next Tarot Card reading at the top of the next hour.

Tarot Bastard is about life interpreted, interrupted and challenged through six fateful meetings over six hours. It is irreverent, wild and skilled. A mixture of set-piece, pure improvisations, audience interactions, songs and lecture. Tarot Bastard aims to expose the audience to a complex and compelling canon of performance material that, through improvisation and suggestion, unifies Lynch’s 25 years of performance experience.

The audience are free to come and go as they wish, but Lynch’s aim is to hold the audiences attention so completely that they stay for the full six hours. The constant shifting in activity fuelled by Tarot reading is designed to subvert a regular experience of time and in so doing encourage an engaged and extended viewing time. Tarot Bastard Premiered in Copenhagen at the 2012 Vildskud Festival.




  • Direction and concept: Stuart Lynch
  • Performance and text: Stuart Lynch
  • Arts Agency and representation. David Berga Management http://davidberga.cat