By 13th July 2016Performer

Synthesizing dance and voice in an informal music-concert format, this 60 minute solo has toured Europe and Scandinavia to great acclaim.

“a breathtaking work – a virtuoso piece”
Realtime (AU)

Charismatic, powerful and skilled, Lynch spellbinds in a work blending Live Art and Spoken Word. As a dancer with the legendary Japanese choreographer Min Tanaka, Lynch is one of the few Europeans to truly capture Tanaka’s technique and style. When this is combined with Lynch’s original training as a singer the work created is simple, humorous and skilled.

LYNCH CONCERT has toured internationally since 2005. Most recently it was seen at the 2015 ITFOK internatinal theatre festival of Kerala. It has toured Sweden, Denmark, Belgium, Holland, Germany and Spain.




  • Direction and concept: Stuart Lynch
  • Performance and text: Stuart Lynch
  • Sound Design: Johan Segerberg / Henriette Grove / Rune Kaagraard / Stuart Lynch
  • Arts Agency and representation. David Berga Management