By 11th July 2016Director

LOOK HOMEWARD ANGEL is a dance theatre with actors and dancers from Denmark and Africa. It follows the circumstance in word and dance of a Danish anthropologist who witnesses the murder of her family whilst living and studying in Africa.

“A provocative journey of our own and the African continent’s existence and identity in a unique blend of music, performance, theater and dance.”
AOK.dk – 4 stars

It is the story of one woman as she is hospitalized recedes into herself and confronts her tragedy through the stories she was studying and loved – the myths and legends of Scandinavia and Africa. The work explores the nature of death and loss as the woman recedes deeper into her own unconscious and shifting realities. The dancers embody and mirror the metaphors and symbols of the myths as the manuscript explores the psychological implications of such an abject tragedy.

The work was an international collaboration made between, Lynch Company and Dansescenen Theatre from Denmark and the National Theatre of Uganda, in Kampala Uganda. The work received support from the Danish Arts Agency, Kunststyrelsen, the DCCD (Danish Centre for Cultural Development), UNICEF Denmark, The National Theatre of Uganda, Amakula Kampala Film Festival and the Institute Francais, Uganda. Look Homeward Angel first premiered in 2010 at Dansescenen Theatre (now Dansehallerne), Copenhagen.




  • Dance: Tiziana Fracchiolla (South Africa) / Samuel Prince Ibanda (Uganda)
  • Acting: Andrea Vagn Jensen (Denmark)
  • Text: Stuart Lynch
  • Direction and choreography: Stuart Lynch
  • Sound and music composition: Jørgen Teller
  • Lighting Design: Michael Breiner
  • Costume: Camilla Lind
  • Production Manager: Eva Ulvan Handberg
  • Photography: Per Morten Abrahamsen