By 11th July 2016Director

Lynch’s DREYER, DEN DANSKE TYRAN (DREYER, THE DANISH TYRANT) is a large scale Film Theatre production and Tour de force that opened the 2012 annual Danish Film Festival CPH PIX

– “A powerful, intriguing and dark work” CPH POST – 5 stars

– “A tight and crisp work from the hand of Stuart Lynch” TEATER 1 – 4 stars

DREYER DEN DANSKE TYRAN is a filmic theatre work that explores live stage performance and film. It charts the psyche and art of the brilliant twentieth century Danish film maker, Carl Th. Dreyer. It asks the questions, what was his joy?, what was his anger?, and how would his angels and his demons scream, cry and laugh? Labeled a sadist and obsessive, Dreyer created films that were decades ahead of their time. Dreyer was an enigma in his lifetime and a legend after his death. This Live Stage work features Baard Owe, who performed in Dreyer’s last film, ‘Gertrude’. The work premiered in the cinema where Carl Th. Dreyer was the manager and in this way the one hour long show is both progressive and nostalgic (‘Dagmar Teatret’. Dreyer was managing director of the ‘Dagmar Teatret’ for 16 years until his death in 1968).

The work asks the question about both the man and his films and explores Dreyer’s own fascination with the struggle of power between woman and man. It investigates the transformational magic of light and composition with a script by the award winning Danish playrite Thomas Markmann.

DREYER, DEN DANSKE TYRAN is available for touring to cinemas and film festivals. Please contact stuartlynch.dk for touring details..

Read More, www.carlthdreyer.dk