K3Katerega is an artist managed and Directed by Stuart Lynch, “The aim with directing Katerega is to attempt a pure and direct performing presence between audience and performer.”

Katerega is a Butoh dancer. A performer attempting a simple existential expression, that does not reference, narrate or explain. An expression of simply being, of simply existing. “I do not want to have a performance that is my own. I wish only to present the intent of another, and in so doing, give a feeling to an audience and receive the feeling from the audience. An exchange and a base and pure level” – Katerega.


Originally performed and created by Stuart Lynch in collaboration with French philosopher Jean Baudrillard. FABLE is a 60 minute performance executed within a stage of broken class to the recording of the hypnotic voice of Baudrillard narrating his essay.

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VOLUME is a physical representation of sound, space and volume. The success or failure of the work depends completly on Katerega’s physical ability to mirror and express a given sound and a given space – to psycho-physically reflect that atmosphere

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KATEREGA FREE is Katerega freely improvising alone or in collaboration with other artists. It seeks to capture a genuine and pure improvisational existence – no habits, tricks, techniques or strategies to show or entertain.

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