By 18th July 2016Teacher

Bodyweather is a process for the development of ones physical, mental and social body.  Devised in the 1980’s in Japan by butoh dancer Min Tanaka, contemporary Bodyweather aims to explore the human condition focussing on The body and the mind, the environments they  and Communication an. Within this configuration we find approaches, exercises and techniques that expand our personal and social borders and range from the highly dynamic and physical to sensitivity and delicate body wareness exercises. It is objective and scientific in nature and offers an individual a tool for investigation into themselves and the groups and environments they inhabit.

From the highly dynamic ‘MB’ dance training to specific sensitivity and body awareness exercises the classes are structured to allow a personal investigation into the body as a tool for movement and dance. The intent is to deepen the understanding of the body both internally and in relation to the external environment. The work is done in both the studio and & off-site exploration and is ideal as a dance performance training

Dance and communication. The body and the environment.

Bodyweather Laboratory” This section of the work involves exercises and improvisations to broaden and develop sensitivity, awareness and the scope of expression – of the body through the body. Both via images and through more technical and exacting work, focus is sharpened on different states of the body and mind. Co-ordination and insight into the different speeds of the body and the function of time is developed to attune and amplify the perception to the constant state of change inside and outside the body which assists the finding of many different bodies within the one body. The participants are asked to vocalise their observations within this research.