Selected Press (for both Lynch Company and Stuart Lynch)

“Lynch is a god given choreographer, director & performer”

City Calling (DK)

“a breathtaking work – a virtuoso piece”

Realtime (AU)

“unique, extraordinary, unprecedented; compulsive to watch”

Performance Research Journal (UK)

“it is as conceptually rigorous as it is entertaining; brilliant”


“A dancer on stage changing from the classical, magical and provocative. A male dancer with stiletto on one foot and army boot on the other stripped naked and pissed on the stage. He has the  exceptional feeling for the provocative and the beautiful which can be found all the way through this performance.”

Janus Kodal – Extra Bladet: Denmark

“…Lynch impressed everyone with his dark reverie on that other Lynch’s Lost Highway.”

Keith Gallasch – Realtime: Australia

“Images and symbols traversed the subconscious of both artist and audience, creating dream-like, even nightmarish sequences. Yet an undercurrent of humour always remained.”

Ananda Lal – The Asian Age: India