Stuart Lynch Team

Stuart Lynch is a theatre director, Performance Artist Teacher. Living in Copenhagen he is currently the head of KFTS – Københavns Film & Teaterskole (The Copenhagen Film & Theatre School).

Originally trained as a sculptor and martial, he has been educated in dance, theatre and psychology. As a performer he began his career as a dancer from 1990 to 1992 with Min Tanaka’s Japanese Butoh dance company, ‘Mai-Juku’. From 1993 until 2000 he was co-director of the Deqincey/Lynch performance company (Sydney – Australia), and focused on developing Min Tanaka’s teaching system ‘Bodyweather’. During this period he developed his solo performance series, ‘Paradance’, which included collaborations with French philosopher Jean Baudrillard (1929-2007) and double bass player Peter Kowald (1944-2002). From 2000 Lynch formed his own Copenhagen based company, ‘Paradance Theatre’. With productions and teaching this company operated successfully until 2009 when Paradance was succeeded by Lynch Company, which opened in April 2009 with its first work, ‘The Artaud Engine’, a play about Antonin Artaud.  The Company is regularly funded by the Danish Arts Council and has created intimate solo works large-scale theatre plays and durational performance events.

Parallel to his Directed work he has been touring his solo and collaborative performance works most notably with Lynch Concert and Touchzombie (A duo with Jacob Stage). He is manager of the Butoh dancer Katerega whose premiere work, ‘Volume’ premieres at Dansehallerne, Copenhagen in November 2016.

As a teacher, Lynch has toured as a teacher of workshops in Bodyweather, Voice and Acting for dancers and his own devised processed TST. In Denmark he has taught at the State Theatre School, Dansehallerne and Cantabile 2, School of Stage Art (


Paw Petersen is a producer and manager of dance, performance and theatre. He is both a graduate from the Copenhagen University’s Department of Arts and Cultural Studies and the Copenhagen Business School. He has worked and developed the companies ‘Signa’ and ‘Danish Dance Theatre’ as well as curating and managing the festivals, `Scenekunst 2000´, a performance-art festival in Copenhagen and `Images of My World´, the Danish Centre for Cultural Development’s world festival. He is a co-initiator of the international development network, ‘Chapter 15’ and is on the board of the association for contemporary dance in Denmark.


David Berga Management is an international theatre agency and management Bureau. Born in 2001 the company has been dealing with physical theatre practitioners, physical comedians and larger scale productions. David Berga Management can be contact on the following email and is responsible for the touring of the Stuart Lynch solo LYNCH CONCER –


The following are all artists who have recently collaborated with or are still collaborating with Lynch Company. They come from both the academic and arts fields and are associated with the production of either past or future works.

  • Jacob Stage
  • Peter Jacymin
  • Frank Van de Ven