By 11th July 2016Director


Dansescenen Theatre, Copenhagen Denmark.

24 hours of performance. 12 professional stage artists. From 12:00 Saturday to 12:00 Sunday, these artists will perform the entire time.

To do this, they work within Lynch’s unique choreographic structure, which is worked with over the previous 6 days. This means the performers commit to seven consecutive days of intense work. The first six days are spent in development and rehearsal, and the final day is a non-stop 24 hours on stage.

The audience are invited to come and go as they please. The average viewing time is between five to six hours, with 18% of the audience staying for the full 24 hours.

“unique, extraordinary, unprecedented; compulsive to watch”

Performance Research Journal (UK)

This performance structure was born out of Theatre Switch Training (TST), a teaching method that can be used to explore and define the way that time is experienced on stage.